Group therapy


using guided visualization

What is guided visualisation?



Guided Visualisation is part of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Therapy and is a common tool used to help people relax and de-stress. By engaging the different sensory factors, the relaxing of the mind and the body can be easily facilitated.  The facilitator guides the individuals into a deeper relaxation through mindfulness-based body awareness as well as guided imagery. The guided imagery typically takes the place of a peaceful scene in nature or visualising yourself achieving a goal.  


This method has been scientifically proven to aid in reducing diseases related to stress, as well as enhancing emotional processing.  From a general perspective, engaging in guided visualisations creates a set time and space to STOP, RELAX and REFUEL from the daily hustle and bustle. In other words, it helps us to take the time out for ourselves in a safe and controlled environment. 

Some guided visualisations are geared toward increasing self-confidence, creating a deeper awareness of oneself, finding answers to questions that are difficult to resolve with the conscious mind, and releasing pent-up emotions. 



Neeta Maharaj is trained in MBSR therapy and has been a mindfulness practitioner for more than 10 years. Apart from that, she is a coaching psychologist specializing in positive psychology, cognitive therapy and coaching psychology. As a group facilitator,  she believes that creating a safe and non-judgemental environment is key. Here, her main goal is to allow the group to share and carry out meaningful discussions with one other thereby creating learning points, and gaining insights from the discussion. 

 Session Structure












Date: Friday 23rd Jan

Time: 6pm-7pm

Location: 23 Groenstraat, 5071 EA

*Costs are 10 Euro per person.

*Doors open 10 minutes before.

*Space limited to 15 people so please reserve your spot.