What would you like to change?

Not happy with your relationships or do you just want to attract the right partner into your life?

Frustrated with your current career? Trying to understand your passions and strengths?

Do you feel stuck, lacking boundaries, self-esteem and confidence?

Not sure how to strategize or move forward with your business?


Let's get started

How I work

Using a variety of tools including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Positive Psychology Interventions, I work with you over a minimum of 4 sessions for maximum effectiveness and sustainable results. Working to make changes in one's life is not a quick fix approach and therefore, needs time to effect change.


Through these sessions (either online or in person), I help you to:

- Gain clarity about your discomforted feelings

- Identify the root causes of the problems

- Pinpoint the behaviours and beliefs that contribute to the issues at hand.

- Understand why these behaviours or beliefs exist OR are prominent during certain triggers. 

- Employ appropriate tools to ensure future gains

- Develop a strategic action plan to help build momentum, and develop new neural pathways for adopting healthy behaviours.

- Sustain your motivation and cultivate your self-esteem during these changes

Socrates, a great Greek philosopher shared the notion that we already know the answers we seek but need help finding them. My role is to facilitate the space to help you find those answers AND to help you build structure and strategy into achieving your goals.

In our first session together, we undergo an "intake" in which we thoroughly discuss the issue/s at hand.  I would then draw up a plan/ strategy to help you move forward that sustains the remainder of our consults together.  


I am committed to helping everyone on their journey. I understand that sometimes opportunities are not afforded to everyone for various reasons. Because of this, I have different avenues to ensure help is available. These include free coaching, group coaching, and private consults.

Options for seeking help


Working with student coaches.


Neeta pairs you with different student coaches with whom she mentors **






Work with coaching psychology students

Student and coachee responsible for all logistics

Limited number of student coaches available

Zero responsibility held by Neeta for outcomes but welcomes feedback about the student coaches


**.Coachees MUST be mindful that students are not experts and are only practising. 


1 year, 8 people, meeting once per month online. 


Problems are brought to the table by the group members and coaching rendered accordingly.






11 online Meet Ups 

Small group to facilitate healthy discussions

Various groups to match different time zones

Recording available if you miss a session

Confidentiality held within group





Working with Neeta personally

Through a series of sessions, Neeta works with you to help you deconstruct whatever you're dealing with. 






Email Support 

Phone Support 

Profile Builder 

Frequent personal Check-Ins

Absolute confidentiality














Tiffany Lacey, Australia

I started seeing Neeta because I was going through a major divorce battle and trying to my find my life’s purpose. I felt lost and frustrated. From the very first session, she helped me to break down all my issues and see my own role in it. For the first time, someone was helping me in a real and pragmatic way. Because of my sessions with Neeta, I was able to bring clarity and closure to the relationships that were not serving me, and I was also able to discover my true life’s purpose and clear out the crap that was preventing me from realizing my true potential. My life is really good now and I feel balanced.

I would recommend everyone in the world to see Neeta.

I started seeing Neeta at a time when I was hugely frustrated at not moving forward with my business. I had no momentum or enthusiasm and felt scattered and tired. I needed to take my business to the next level and everywhere I turned, doors seemed to be closing. Through working with Neeta, she helped me to develop trust in myself and step into my own personal power. With her guidance, doors started opening, more business investments came my way, my energy levels rose and a lot of synchronicities started happening. If you’re looking to discover what your unique, limitless abilities are, please see Neeta. She is my continuous “go to” person for clarity and advice!”

Kevan Sinanan, Trinidad

It was destiny to meet Neeta personally at the beginning of a search to understand myself better. She has this positive charisma and was able to help me pinpoint things that were true and needed work. I really appreciated the depth and honesty of our work together that will definitely help me now and in the future. I felt good and I am thankful to her for her help and support. It has definitely helped me on my journey!

Rebea Peffer, Germany

I wanted to move forward with my current business but wasn’t sure what was holding me back. In working with Neeta, she helped me to confront my mission in this life as she helped me to identify and move past the fears and self-doubt I was experiencing. She also helped me to restore confidence in myself. What I also liked about our sessions is that she helped me to brainstorm ideas to move my business forward and she gave me a step by step approach to do this.

She has definitely given me the confidence and clarity that I needed. In every way, my business is successfully growing and I see the vast potential for myself. I definitely recommend others to work with her. 

Sasha Matsuoka, Japan

I am so happy to have met Neeta. She helped me a lot to develop confidence in myself. She also gave me great tools to work with, especially with respect to dealing with my emotions. Through this, I started loving myself and understanding myself better. She really helped me to open my eyes.  At the moment I feel more secure when I am with other people and I try not to push myself to be always perfect, I admire the others and now I want to admire what I am as well because sometimes I forget it. Neeta really helped me to see this. I was thoroughly impressed with her!


Jessica Cartegena, Spain

Neeta is awesome and has an amazing capacity for real guidance. She beautifully helps you to understand yourself and gives the gift of wisdom and love for you to make profound changes in your own life. Since seeing Neeta,  my life trajectory has made leaps and bounds. Through using the techniques she taught me, I am empowered in my life. I am very grateful for Neeta”

Joe Wyatt, United States