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Neeta Maharaj is a transformational coach, general psychologist, writer and teacher/facilitator. Her work includes a mixture of positive psychology, coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy and intuitive work.



Once an engineer and management professional who worked for 10 years in a well-known corporate Oil & Gas entity, she dedicates her time now towards helping others make meaningful transformations. She is currently the in-house psychological counsellor for the International Centre Tilburg (ICT) and a lecturer at Tilburg University teaching the psychology of happiness and wellbeing.


Her work is centred on helping expats, and other international clients, especially Highly Sensitive People (HSP’s). She is also passionate about helping people make a shift towards a career that is more fulfilling and aligned with their strengths and personality.  


Official Bio

Neeta is best known for her sharp intuition. Because of this, coupled with traditional approaches to psychotherapy along with elements of coaching,  many of her clients have impactful insights and ensuing transformations when working with her.


She is also an advocate for mindfulness meditation and has trained in its traditional approaches (together with its psychological benefits).

Neeta is also the co-author of the book "From Headless Chicken to Golden Goose." She is in the process of working on her 2nd book. Her work has been featured in many international publications. 

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